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There's a little history about my fear of writing, and now I'm facing it by entering the world of blogging. Say whaaat?!? I was never a "writer," and I never thought I would explore this avenue. I'm a daughter of two immigrant parents, so English was spoken, but not very well.  I picked up a few bad habits along the way, and to top it off, reading was always my second choice after sleeping when I had free time.


Truth be told, when I was in college I did receive an A- on a paper, but with giant red letters "please see me."  I was petrified because I feared she would accuse me of plagiarism.  Bless my teacher's soul because she asked me in the sweetest voice "Is English your second language?"  I didn't know how to react to this because of 1. She's assuming English isn't my first language and  2. How will this affect my grade?  She thought the concept was good but poorly executed.  So with a smile and my sweetest voice, I said, "Of course it is."  


Fast forward to the present where I'm challenging myself in hopes of becoming a better version of myself through a mother's eye.  I want to share my thoughts on the good, the bad, and the ugly of parenting.  I'm not an expert in psychology nor do I have an English literature background, but my experiences as an elementary school teacher, owner of a children's jewelry line (Petit Elephant NYC), and having stay-at-home-mom status have inspired me to share my thoughts and tips on life.


I'm trying to raise 2 hapa girls to be feminists.  Not the ones who don't believe in shaving their armpits and think all men are Darth Vader.  But the ones who will stand up for themselves, never stay silent because their voices are too loud, and most importantly learn how to sprinkle kindness everywhere.  Through our experiences, creativity, and daily doses of being active, we can achieve the highest form of gratitude and fill our lives with joy and happiness.  


And finally, stay tuned...for a picture book.  It might be a while, but I'm hoping the time spent and dedication will be well worth the wait.


Let's enjoy the waves together. 


Hopping off...


Melanie Dungo Barrows


"I decide my future and how I will change it"


Hapa: a Hawaiian term to describe someone who is mixed race, usually of Asian or Pacific Islander descent 



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