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9 Birthday Wishes

Updated: May 14, 2018

To my dearest daughter,

I can't believe today you're finally 9, which marks the halfway point of officially being an adult.  It seems like only yesterday when we had waited patiently 9 months for your arrival. Now you've filled our hearts and souls for 9 beautiful years.  I never experienced a miracle until I had you and your baby sister.  

With each passing year you'll be noticing more changes, within yourself, the people around you, and in your environment. Some will be for the better, but some might expose the ugliness that life has to offer.  Don't be afraid, as I will always be by your side to listen and help coach you through anything, every step of the way.  As I write to you, I'm trying to think of the perfect 9 year-old gift. However, I think for now I'll offer you some birthday wishes. 

1. Find your Tribe

Seek out friends who bring joy and positivity all around.  Your relationship with friends will shift, and you'll begin to notice the "mean girls".  I truly believe everyone has a good heart, but at times they may want to test the waters, break the rules, and see if they can get away with certain things.  This may spark some curiosity on your end, but always come back to what feels right.  You have a kind spirit and a loving soul. Don't feel the need to change who you are in order to fit in.  Rest assured, you'll find your tribe that has the same values and interests as you.  And when you do, have each other's backs and continue to be kind and courageous.  

"Find your tribe, love them hard"

2. Be True to Yourself

Love yourself unconditionally and accept all the imperfections you've been given.  There's nothing more beautiful than a person knowing who they are and loving every inch of their body, inside and out.  Many times, I've been told that the color of my skin was too dark and if only I was lighter, I would be more beautiful.  But little did they know, that beauty comes from within.  You are special and unique and there is only one version of you.  Fill your heart with love and happiness.

"May I accept myself as I am"

3. Follow Your Happiness

The secret to happiness is to keep growing and challenging yourself in ways that teach you how to rise and fall.  Tapping into unknown territory can feel uneasy, however, I find it's the best way to discover new elements of happiness.  If we stay safe, we become stale and we are not enjoying all that life has to offer.  Follow the beat of your own drum.  If you want to be a singer, sing your heart out (don't be offended if I wear earplugs).  If you want to be a star soccer player, have the ball be your sidekick (please try not to break too many things). And if you want to be the President of United States, continue to learn how to lead and to listen. Whatever peaks your interest, go for it and I'll support you along the way.  

"I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness"

4. Let Go of Comparisons

If you play the game of comparison, then it will lead you down a road of sadness and negativity.  As I mentioned above, embrace everything that you are and that you have.  Spend each day giving gratitude for the beautiful life that you have.  Try not to compete with others, but to focus on how you can develop your strengths and be a better version of you.  The confidence you build will allow you to be free of comparison and stop you from wanting your life to be something it's not.

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.  It just blooms"

5. Fill Your Heart With Kindness

When you fill your heart with kindness and love, you lessen the chances of negativity arising.  You will see a shift in people and see less judgment, annoyance and realize that there is good in everyone.  Kindness is contagious and people will want to spread it around. Even on the darkest and gloomiest days, you can still spread kindness everywhere.

"Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people"

6. Learn To Say No

It's funny, when you were a baby I didn't want to use the word "no."  However, I realize that by saying "no" you are in fact respecting yourself more.  It's okay to say no to people when something doesn't feel right.  At times, you may think you should say yes in fear of not wanting to let someone down or hurt their feelings.  However, you need to do what feels right for you at all times.  Even as an adult, I'm still learning how to say "no."  It's nice to be liked by everybody, but the most important person to take care of is yourself.

"I have the power to say 'no' at any time"

7. Learning Will Be Your Superpower

Enjoy learning, as it will become your superpower one day.  You may not understand why you need to learn so many different things, but I assure you, it all blossoms into something beautiful one day.  You have a love for learning, and I hope you never lose that desire.  Learn as much as you can, absorb it, and always ask questions.  All the knowledge you've learned will help get you closer to your dreams.  Let your superpower lead the way.

"I will continue to learn and grow"

8. Treat Your Body Well

The way you treat your body will be a direct reflection of how you will feel.  Eating healthy, exercising daily, and getting enough sleep will allow you to perform on a full tank of gas.  It's about having balance and never indulging too much on certain types of food, staying up too late, or not getting enough exercise.

"I am healthy and filled with energy"

9. Use Social Media To Empower

This will be the hardest thing to keep away from you, however, can we meet in the middle?   Nowadays, I see too many people obsessed with social media, and as you know, Mommy uses it a lot.  But I do give myself limits and guidelines too.  If you want to use social media for a business idea or for empowerment, I am happy to help and assist you.  Let's try to use social media in a positive and beneficial way.  P.S. this does not mean you are getting a cellphone.

"The power of social media is that it forces necessary changes"

I hope you will take the time to understand this list and feel free to take notes and ask lots of questions.  I promise to not try to "fix" you and to be a better listener. I trust you wholeheartedly and if you slip from time to time, I will be right there to help pick you up.  Continue to find your voice, be kind and strong and know you're capable of reaching your dreams.  I'm your number 1 fan and won't let anyone dim your light.  Have the happiest and brightest birthday, I love you to the moon and back x2.



Hopping off...

"My self- esteem is high because I honor who I am"


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