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DIY Valentine's Slime With A Hidden Message

Love is in the air, or maybe it's the flu season buzzing, or perhaps we need to spread some love bugs around.  This DIY Valentine's Slime With A Hidden Message will have you covered in slime, sending secret messages, and enjoying some quality time with your kiddos.  For any teachers reading this, I've covered reading, science, and art in this project.  And for the mothers, you'll win the "Mother of the Year Award" because it's sweet, hip, and it's original.

Here's what you'll need:

- White Glue (I'll explain later why I chose white)

- Letter Beads

- Slime Storage Containers

You can use any small container that has a lid.  I decided to use this one because it was the best value for the number of containers I needed for both girls.

- Activator

We used laundry detergent, but you can also use contact lens solution

- Colorful Styrofoam or red heart confetti or both

Reading Section:

Part 1:

Write out your class list with each child's name.  Next to each name pick a word that best describes the child's personality.  Depending on your child's age, use appropriate words that fit their reading and spelling level.  My 8-year-old is in 3rd grade and she used the following words:

Words for an 8-year-old:

Ian - soccer

Gavin - guitar

Rosie - friends

Caitlyn - awesome

Cindy - meow

Harper - cool

Here are some examples from my 5-year-old daughter, who is in Kindergarten.

Words for a 5-year-old:

Henry - bff

Mabel - bat

Nick - cat

Violet - fun

Anna - nice

Jimmy - silly

Part 2:

Now the searching begins.  Scatter your beads on the table and begin spelling out your hidden messages.  This was a great exercise for different age levels.  For the younger level: letter recognition, word recognition, spelling, fine motor skills (picking up the tiny beads is difficult), and if you want something extra, make them use chopsticks to grab the beads!  For the older level: word recognition and spelling recognition.  And don't forget, if you have more than one child or are doing this with another child, this activity enhances collaboration and teamwork.  My younger daughter said, "It will be a miracle if I can find the letter S" which my older daughter took as a challenge to help.  Another silly moment was when I was reading one of their words and said, "You picked MOM for a boy?"  We had big belly laughs because the word was WOW.

Science Section:

I hope you're still with me... because our next subject is SCIENCE.  My hapa girls' and hubby's favorite area.  My girls absolutely love slime.  I don't know who started this craze, but please create another experiment that doesn't require staining couches and getting stuck in my girls' hair!  Thank you in advance.

We mixed white glue with Dreft laundry detergent; white helps camouflage the beads. Slowly mix the detergent (the activator) into the glue. Once you feel the slime isn't sticky, you can stop adding the activator. We mixed in styrofoam beads, heart foil confetti, and letter beads and POOF- you now have Valentine's Slime With A Hidden Message.

Art Section:

I've provided a PDF template for you to print out and use.  "You got Valen-SLIME...Search for the hidden message."  Attach the card to the slime, and for an added bonus, we used elastic string so the child can wear the beads as a bracelet. Lastly, I wrote an answer key on the back of the card, just in case there was a chance the letters could spell a different word.  I want to avoid the confusion of a boy spelling out MOM when it's supposed to read WOW.

Sending much love on this special Valentine's Day Post.  If you feel like spreading some love, please leave a comment. xoxo

Hopping off.. "I am worthy of love and joy"

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