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How To Make Your Own Original 2018 Rump Shaker

Updated: Dec 30, 2017

DIY New Year's Eve Props

Before we ring in the New Year, we must have some swag.  I usually run to the market and buy some last minute stuff.  Typically I'll find some glasses, shakers, and other small miscellaneous items.  This year I decided to create my own New Year's Eve shades and a mock Chinese drum shaker using materials from home.  I'm at a slight advantage because I craft, however, you can easily find this stuff at the local craft store.   NYE 2018 shades Things you'll need: -Old pair of sunglasses -Pipe cleaners -Hot glue gun

-Rhinestones, beads, buttons, pom poms  -Scissors -Markers -Construction paper

My two hapas adore wearing sunglasses and want a new pair each time we hit the sun.  Lucky for them, I collect and save them all, even the flimsy party favors.   First we drew out "2018" on construction paper.  Warning, please avoid using glitter because the tiny specks can get into little eyes and be very painful and even dangerous.  I learned this during my teaching days.   Next, I used a hot glue gun to attach the drawing to a pipe cleaner.  Finally, go nuts with colorful beads, pom poms, etc. I allowed my girls to design and decorate, however, they had one rule, that the sunglasses must match the Chinese drum.  I know I'm breaking my own suggestions for creativity with no supervision, BUT I wanted them to have some guidelines and continuity with their design.  Imagine if all pajamas were mismatched sets.  This was also a little challenge that I wanted to see if they could follow. NYE 2018 Drum Shaker Things you'll need: -Paper bowl (2) -Hot glue gun-Rhinestones, beads, buttons, pom poms  -Scissors -Markers -String -Bead for the end of the string and a handful more inside the shaker -Dowel rod -Electrical Tape Whenever we travel and go to the local gift shop, my girls jump at the opportunity to play with Chinese drums and maracas.  If you don't know what a Chinese drum is, ask Google.  I decided to blend two cultures together (yes my girls are Mexican, not Chinese, but they are learning Mandarin) to create an original NYE shaker.  It looks like a Chinese drum with only one string and with beads inside to resemble a maraca.

First we placed the dowel rod in the middle of the paper bowl on the inside (use the picture for reference).  For extra strength and since kids are rough, I hot glued the dowel rod and used electrical tape for reinforcement.  

Then, fill up the shaker with some beads.  The more the better; we want obnoxious sound from this shaker. 

  With the other paper bowl, pierce a small hole and string it from one end to another.  Seal it with hot glue and a small piece of electrical tape.  

Attach a bead and tie to a knot at the other end.  I added two beads for more flavor and bigger sound.  Remember, the louder the sound, the better.   Finally, glue both paper bowls together with hot glue and you're almost done.  The finishing touches will be your design using markers, beads, pom poms, etc. 

If you need extra luck this year, join in on these Filipino traditions for ringing in the new year: 1. Make a lot of noise to scare away evil spirits. 2. Wear polka dots.  Anything that's round brings prosperity. 3. Jump 12 times at the stroke of midnight to increase your height.  Filipinos are considered a petite country. Let us know what lucky traditions you do with the family.  Do you kiss at midnight?  Wear polka dots undies?  It can't hurt to have a little more luck in the new year.

Hopping off...

"Don't let anyone dull your sparkle"



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