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New Year, New Opportunities: Setting A Positive Mindset For 2018

Now that the kiddos are back in school, it's time to get our new year's resolution on.  I have a different take on this because I think any effort of improving yourself or trying something new is a win.  We often beat ourselves up if we don't complete our goal or have the tendency to judge other people for even attempting to try. For example, many people say "I'm going to lose weight".  It's not really about the end result but the idea that you want to try to improve your situation.  In the process of trying to lose weight, you might meet a friend.  Over time, the relationship develops and you're spending less time at the gym.  Naturally, you might say, I didn't meet my NYE resolution, but should this ultimately be the end goal?  Perhaps the process of losing weight actually gains you a new friend.  No pun intended.  Let's look at this as an opportunity for a meeting a lifelong friend, part of the journey of improving your overall life.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I want you to quit before you start, but let's be kinder to ourselves and more forgiving.  Embrace the idea of wanting to improve your current state of mind and body. 

I once set a NYE resolution that I would read a book every month. I was doing great up until the second month (this was a great run in my mind).  My books started to become nightstand decor and dust was gathering.  My excuse at the time was that life gets in the way, maybe I'd get to it later.  Looking back, I didn't achieve my goal, however, I did learn something about myself.  I realized that I was attracted to certain types of books, and when I enjoyed reading them, I naturally made time for myself.

My hapagirls' resolutions for 2018, will be a combo package.  First, they will practice gratitude by writing down what they are thankful in a notebook (book of gratitude) before bedtime.  Second, they want to become independent fashionistas.  Now I reckon this might be a disaster, so I did ask if I could help them with special occasions or if I felt they hadn't dressed appropriately for the weather.  I want my girls to feel proud of their decisions and express themselves freely.  I'm going to have a hard time letting go of the reigns.

As for me, I want to continue surrounding myself with positive people, reading, playing tennis, and meditating.  These are my little joys in life.  In addition, I want to focus on my new challenge, writing.  I've always been told I wasn't a good writer (see bio for reference), so it's been a fear of mine.  I'm on a hunt to find other mom bloggers, find a writer's group, and will try to write every day.  I feel that with enough practice, this will open up another side of me that has been waiting to be discovered.

Hopping off...

"Old habits won't open new doors"



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