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Ugly Sweater 2.0

Updated: Dec 30, 2017

Tis the season and we are taking ugly sweaters to the next level.  We were attending a holiday party where it was required to wear an "ugly sweater."  I looked online and searched in stores for children's ugly sweaters, but wasn't successful.  It didn't make sense until I discovered something during our DIY ugly sweater. As we were doing the craft and the kids were ready to show their final product we asked them to say "ugly sweaters".  They looked at us with disbelief and said, NOO these are cute sweaters.

I had a Ahah moment.  I was able to gain some clarity on the word ugly and what it means to children.

Ugly is defined by your own personal opinion on things and one of the most amazing thing about young children is that they rarely see ugly.  They are told "don't wear this, it's ugly" or "fix your hair it's ugly".  How sad, because I'm that mom and I was totally not aware of my words. I need to be more mindful and catch myself before saying that something's ugly. 

I need to start seeing life through a young child's point of view.  Crap, this would have helped when I was telling my husband my living room furniture was gross.  Maybe, life might be a little bit more enjoyable if I can just change my perception.

If you are interested in creating a one of kind "Fancy Sweater Vest" Here's what you'll need:

- pipe cleaners (I used holiday colors)

- Big buttons

- Pom poms

- Tiny bells

- Colored felt to make Christmas trees, Snow man, etc

- Glue gun & glue sticks

- Festive garland

- White vest or any sweater will do. I got the vest because it was 50% off at Old Navy.

We had little sections for the children (ages range from 5 to 8). 

The older kids sat in a separate section from the younger ones because the adults had to supervise the glue guns.  We placed the materials in front of them and told them they were allowed to do WHATEVER they wanted.  Sometimes it's hard to discover your inner creativity when an adult is breathing down your neck and you can smell their morning coffee. Sit back and watch the magic and you'll enjoy the crafting more.

The kids had a blast creating their own holiday sweaters.  My girls wore them with pride and no one once considered them ugly.

Hopping off...

"I shine brightest when I believe in myself."



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